Our standard ICAS Employee Wellness Programme offers:
  • Access to a 24-hour, 365 day-per-year toll-free helpline
  • Access to telephonic support via a ‘please call me’ service
  • Counseling and consultation (face-to-face / telephonic counseling)
  • HIV Management services
  • Access to a branded on-line wellness service for all employees
  • Trauma Management services including on-site debriefing
  • Provision of communication and health promotion information
  • Appropriate referral and managerial services
  • Absenteeism Management
  • Management and employee orientation
  • Management consultation services
  • Provision of training on health and wellbeing matters
  • Family care advice and resources
  • Legal advice and referral service
  • Financial advice and guidance
  • Practical assistance and resources

Every client will have a dedicated account manager who will provide monthly utilisation statistics and quarterly performance and utilisation-based reports to the overall organisation and to each business cluster.

ICAS Additional Services
  • HIV and AIDS interventions which are specifically designed to reduce the impact of the pandemic in organisations. These range from Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) campaigns, assessment services, employee and managerial training to peer educator training. We also assist our clients with policy development.

  • Absenteeism Management entails assessing the organisations unplanned leave data to determine absenteeism trends, identify areas of risk and identify high risk individuals in order to ensure they receive assistance.

  • Training Division offers a number of unique interventions, workshops and training initiatives. These focus on a wide variety of psycho-social issues, including stress management, diversity management, change management and dealing with troubled employees.

  • Wellness days: this component of our service includes comprehensive health screenings and wellness awareness drives. We tailor these so that they are customised to your organisation’s unique needs.

  • Exec | Care – a preventative intervention specially designed for the care of executives to improve their physical, mental and emotional health. Full lifestyle assessments of executives are carried out at our state-of-the-art facility in Johannesburg.

  • Surveys and audits: our Internationally renowned surveys are designed to gain a deep insight into your business. These include both our Behavioural Risk Management Audit and our Climate Survey.

Skills transfer is offered through our wellness champion training and orientation programme, aimed at capacitating EWP practitioners and selected employees to develop broad clinical and strategic management skills relating to the delivery of Wellbeing Programmes

We remain unsurpassed in our ability to build resilience, mitigate people risks, extract and deliver benchmark data reporting
The aim of the bespoke ICAS Employee Wellbeing Programme (EWP) is to enhance your company’s health and wellness strategy. The primary goal of the EWP is to inform, empower and provide employees with the skills to take ownership of their wellbeing. The EWP supports your employees with the necessary interventions and self-management tools to better manage their lifestyles, and to make informed decisions regarding their health. ICAS proposes the following holistic EWP offering to meet your needs.

Employee wellbeing programme :
  • Access to a 24-hour, 365 day-per-year toll-free helpline
  • Access via SMS and ‘please call me’ service
  • Counseling and consultation (face-to-face and / or telephonic counseling)
  • Access to a branded on-line wellness service (eCare)
  • HIV Management (counseling and consultation)
  • Crisiscall: Trauma management services including on-site management, should the need arise (group or individual)
  • Provision of communication and health promotion information
  • Appropriate referral and managerial services
  • Management and employee orientation
  • Management Consultation Services
  • Management consultation services
  • Provision of training on health and wellbeing matters
  • Family care advice and resources

Life Management:
  • Legal advice and referral service: assisting employees with legal problems via assessment, counseling and advice and/or referral to a specialist.
  • Financial advice and guidance: assisting employees experiencing financial and debt-related problems through assessment, guidance and information.

HIV and AIDS interventions:
Are specifically designed to reduce the impact of the pandemic in organisations. These range from Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) campaigns, assessment services, employee and managerial training to peer educator training. We also assist our clients with policy development.

Absenteeism Management:
Absenteeism data will be analysesd (frequency depending on organisation size) and management reports will be presented, identifying high risk individuals as well as trends areas of concern. Absenteeism data will be used to assess the success of the programmes implementation.

Consulting :
A dedicated, suitable and capable account manager is responsible for:
  • Planning and implementation of a successful EWP launch programme
  • Management of the SLA
  • Being a single point of entry into the organization
  • Providing professional advice and consultation
  • Ensuring integration and alignment of the EWP with existing policies and internal stakeholders
  • Should the need arise, ICAS will guarantee replacement of the dedicated account manager and ensure a smooth hand-over process

  • The account manager will schedule and attend monthly meetings, sessions and discussions, providing management reports to all relevant stakeholders
  • management reports to all relevant stakeholders.
  • The account manager will also present monthly utilisation statistics, and in partnership with the ICAS consultancy team, present quarterly performance and utilisation-based reports to the overall organization and to each business cluster.
  • ICAS will provide on-going trend analysis, research and recommendations on relevant wellbeing-related matters through the dedicated account manager, supported by our consulting team.
Our range of ICAS training programmes have been designed to equip your organisation with the skills needed to identify and manage the many behavioural and wellness-related risks of your employees.

These invaluable tools will assist in proactively identifying and managing the root causes of low staff morale in order to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, increase productivity, and therefore enhance your organisational culture.

Our abundance of specific expertise puts ICAS at the forefront of company and employee wellness training, which ultimately improves service delivery in your company and leads to building up the resilience of your employees.

ICAS expertly translates the many insights gained from your Employee Wellness Programme, this is then used to formulate comprehensive recommendations on how to assist your employees through challenging times.  

Our network of expert ICAS wellness facilitators have been trained in both psychology and social sciences. In the same vein, the training and experience of the ICAS facilitators ensures that each training session benefits both the organisation and the individual.

Benefits of ICAS training can include:
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved employee resilience
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Increased staff morale
  • Improved company culture.
Our ICAS trainers can easily redirect individuals who may already need support and intervention into the ICAS Employee Wellness Programme.

Each of these interventions match the exact needs of each unique organisation, and will cover the following areas of development:

Wellness champion training,
Wellness Committee Training,
How to develop a workplace wellness programme,
Programme Monitoring and Evaluation,
Personal empowerment for life success
HIV and AIDS Training of Peer Educators,
Training of HIV trainers,
HIV and Aids Behavioural Change Programming for the Workplace
risk mitigation
Trauma management
Resilience development
Stress management
Team effectiveness
Managing the "at risk" employee
Financial wellness
Restructure/Retrenchment support services
Change Management
Strike Recover
Conflict management and resolution
Communication skills development
Diversity management
Team building
Parenting skills
Leadership skills
People Management skills

Employee resilience is important in maintaining staff productivity in a challenging business environment. Contact ICAS today for training that will improve the effectiveness and productivity of your staff.
For executives and non-executives alike, stress, travel, long hours and excessive commitments put an individual’s overall health at risk. There is little time for meeting personal needs, including health and fitness. Too often, these needs may not be addressed until serious health problems occur. From a governance perspective, a key executive’s risk is a material consideration, as their performance is crucial to overall productivity.

Botswana organisations are amongst the most at-risk for executive ill-health. Botswana mirrors the global health trend, which demonstrates that lifestyle choices such as physical inactivity, smoking, poor nutrition and neglect of chronic life-stress, play a prominent role in the development of chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular disease.

Exec|Care is a specialist intervention that has been specifically designed around the needs of the busy modern day executive to optimise and sustain physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Exec|care combines a suite of executive wellbeing optimisation modules that build the physical and psychological resilience which is fundamental to a successful, balanced career and life. Exec|Care offers:
  • Comprehensive physical assessment to evaluate the executive’s health / risk profile
  • Optimal lifestyle programmes for fitness and ergonomics with a biokineticist in a fully equipped on-site gym and training facility.
  • Optimal lifestyle programmes for diet & nutrition – healthy eating for the business executive, smart snacking, low GI eating plans.
  • Personal mastery evaluation to support high competence in behavioural risk areas including: executive burnout, managing workplace dynamics, work-life balance, family responsibilities.
  • Therapeutic massage.
The Facility
The EXEC|Care facility in Johannesburg South Africa offers a relaxing, contemporary wellness experience. The centre includes fully equipped assessment rooms, a refreshment & relaxation area, a WiFi / business zone, as well as superb shower and changing facilities. Aspects of the Exec Care service is offered in Gaborone through our network of specialist consultants.
ICAS Botswana offers holistic health risk screenings which include biometric tests (BP, Blood Sugar, cholesterol etc). The results of these screenings are used to generate individual health risk reports that include recommendations on behavior change personalised for each individual. One on one health coaching is also offered as part of a holistic approach taken to maximize the impact of screening days by promoting more effective behavior change and reduce risk to individuals and the organisation.

Wellness weeks / days including health risk screenings are offered. These include the design and co-ordination of interactive fitness activities, team building activities, introduction to healthy meals, informative talks by industry experts and the distribution of health promotion material. Ensuring that wellness days are relevant to the demographics and industry type of each organisation is an important part of ensuring maximum engagement and value.
ICAS Botswana are the leading experts on absenteeism management. Having profiled over 30 000 sick leave incidents working with over 20 organisations over the last 5 years ICAS Botswana have extensive experience in measuring and manageing absenteeism as well as significant benchmark data on trends within Botswana.

ICAS Botswana conducts sick absenteeism reviews to establish absenteeism rate as well as the cost of absenteeism to the company. The review also assists in identifying specific trends across the company as well as at the individual employee level, thereby identifying employees displaying health related issues as well as those displaying abuse of sick absenteeism. Please review the following case study for additional information
ICAS Botswana have implemented, as part of integrated services HIV and Aids in the workplace programme a number of HIV and AIDS services. ICAS Botswana work with top industry specialists in order to deliver the following services:

Counselling and education services which include (but are not limited to):
  • HIV/AIDS symptoms,
  • Preventative measures,
  • Safe-sex practices,
  • Other STD’s,
  • Condom and femidom,
  • Testing options,
  • Treatment options and timing,
  • Side effects,
  • Opportunistic infections and co-infections,
  • Pregnancy and breast feeding,
  • Pediatric treatment issues,
  • Public and private treatment facilities,
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis protocols,
  • Nutritional supplements.

HIV and AIDS Training Workshops
  • Training of Peer Educators
  • Training of HIV trainers
  • Programme Monitoring and Evaluation
  • HIV and Aids Behavioural Change Programming for the Workplace

  • Actuarial Modeling – assessing HIV prevalence within an organization
  • Needs Analysis – Assessing support required in addressing HIV and AIDS risk as well as exploring existing channels in driving support and highlighting gaps that exist
  • KAP Surveys – measuring knowledge, attitude and practices within the organization and making recommendations to improve the current status determined.

  • Voluntary testing and counseling

  • HIV and AIDS policy and strategy development
ICAS’ strategic partnering consultants provide knowledgeable analysis, interpretation and strategic direction for wellness programmes. They also define, design and analyse research initiatives that are client specific and aligned with the client’s organisational wellness strategy.

The consultants use data (wellness, organisational metrics, occupational health) to inform the organisation’s EWP policy, practice and intervention.   They provide high-level consulting on data and use multiple organisational datasets pertinent to optimal organisational performance.   The consultants also conduct quality audits of all high risk cases, formal referrals, safety risk assessments, group trauma cases and maintain consistent monitoring of general case management.   ICAS Botswana has significant experience in wellness policy and strategy development and have worked on a number of consulting projects in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. tablesservce